Floating Cages


The floating cages manufactured by TECHNOSEA srl are made with high density polyethylene (HDPE) PE80 or PE100 and variable PN from 8 to 12.5 UNI 10910. TECHNOSEA srl directly produces the various components of the farming structure either according to our own models and designs or to Polarcirkel manufacturing  licence. TECHNOSEA srl offers high quality products with 12 month guarantee on all assembling elements.

The current trend of marine aquaculture is orientated towards larger and larger cages. TECHNOSEA’s  answer to this need is the cage TechnoSEA GG 250/20 315 mm version (internal diameter of the pipes composing the floating structure). This cage was conceived to contain nets up to 15 mt depth. The maximum pipe thickness is 28.6 mm (diam. 315 mm, PN12.5 PE80), but a greater thickness can be used on request.

Change and maintenance of nets  are aided by a strong braid  composed by a pipe 10 mm thick (diam. 110 mm PN 12.5 PE 80).

The cage size varies from 40 to 60 mt circumference for types TechnoSEA GG250, from 70 to 100 mt for TechnoSEA GG280 and from 100 to 160 for TechnoSEA GG315.
The TechnoSEA TUNA GG315 floating cages are specifically tailored for red tuna offshore farming. The strong structure is composed of 2 pipes in HDPE PE80 PN 12.5 of 315 mm diam. and 28.6 mm thickness. On request it is possible to increase the thickness of the PN 20 pipe to 43.1 mm.

The size of the structure is on average 160 mt circumference (over 50 mt diameter) and contains 80 perimetric  supports (every 2 mt).

TechnoSEA GG/square cages are indicated in fish farming in sheltered areas where the environmental conditions allow the installation of multiple systems with or without platforms.

The size of TechnoSEA GG/square cages may vary from 4 to 15 metres on each side and they can be supplied in rectangular shape on request

The square cages can be fitted with wooden platform to facilitate the operator’s movements. 

The structure is composed of pipes HDPE PE80 from 220 and 250 mm for multiple units, while single units are made with 250 mm pipes. It is very easy to install systems of automatic feed on this type of cages.

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