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The FLORASTAR is a machine that sorts and bunches 10,000 flowers per hour fully automatically. It is suitable for flowers such as alstroemerias, lilies, floribunda roses, lisianthus, asters and bouvardias. Havatec developed the FLORASTAR in collaboration.

Sorting by X-ray

The flowers are sorted according to four criteria: length, straightness, weight and the number of buds. Because both the stem and the buds can be hidden by leaves, a normal camera will not work. This is why Havatec decided to use X-ray technology, a technology with which they have had years of experience.

Uniform bunches

Thanks to the machine’s objectivity, inconsistency in bunches due to sorting by hand no longer occurs. this means much more uniform flower bunches. The sorting criteria are entered on a touch screen for

each individual customer or variety and stored in the system’s memory. The sorting criteria can easily be modified by the grower when required.

Three independent in-feed conveyors

The machine is equipped as standard with three separate in-feed conveyors that can be loaded with flowers at a rate of approximately one stem per second, so the second loader will no longer be confronted with conveyor belts already full of flowers! This enables a huge capacity of 10,000 flowers per hour to be achieved.

Less damage

During manual sorting the flowers are handled up to three times on the sorting table. Using the  FLORASTAR, the flowers are handled only once when they are placed on the in-feed conveyors. Havatec Sorting and bunching machine for cut flowers

Floor surface area

A three-feed sorting machine is 16 metres long and 2.3 metres wide (excluding the buffer for the bunches). Because the various grades are bunched on a single out-feed conveyor, only two binders are required for all grades.


Of course the machine also has a de-leafing unit. The angle and speed of the rotors is adjustable.

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