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Florist Chrysanthemum Flowers

We are a specialist producer of so called florist chrysanthemum flowers and employ over 100 full-time production staff to bring a quality product into the homes of customers all over the world! All our flowers are produced with meticulous attention to detail at our ‘Dennegeur’ Farm, in 6ha of propagation and production greenhouses, utilising many of the best established production techniques.


The plants start out as un-rooted cuttings bought in from leading international Chrysanthemum breeders around the world. They are then prepared for production in our rooting facility. Once rooted, the cuttings are planted out into the greenhouses, where they are nurtured to maturity for by our dedicated teams who provide the watering, feeding, pruning and comprehensive pest and disease prevention. Approximately 11 weeks later, the flowers are ready for harvest.

Once harvested, the flowers are processed in our custom built pack house by specially trained teams. Each stem is graded and bunched with care before being pre-chilled in preparation for shipping.

By maintaining a continuous cold chain from the time of bunching until off-loading our trucks at the perishables centre at O.R Tambo International Airport, Rolf Flowers ensures ouragents and their customers around the world receive every item in our range in the best possible state of freshness.

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