Flow Regulated Mini-Compact Micro Sprinklers



The flow regulated mini-compact micro sprinklers are designed to achieve a consistent flow rate in areas with pressure fluctuations and in difficult topography. The flow regulated Mini-compact has a floating silicon diaphragm with a large water passage to regulate flow and an integral filter attached to the nozzle to keep particles from entering the nozzle. The flow regulated mini-compact micro sprinklers frame is constructed without a bridge ensuring a complete 360° circle for better uniformity.

  • Reduces cost due to smaller diameter pipe and longer laterals
  • Stake has depth measurements imprinted for precise installation
  • Integral filter to protect the regulating silicon disc from large particles
  • Head closes downwards after operation to prevent dirt and insects from entering the sprinkler (insect-proof)
  • Press fit configuration for easy maintenance
  • No misting
  • Trouble-free operation, even at low pressure
  • Strong propulsion of the spinner at low pressure
  • Frame construction without a bridge gives a complete 360° circle
  • Standard assembly includes 24” .160 OD x .270 ID micro tubing, spike and barb
  • Made of durable plastic materials ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture


  • Systems with constantly changing pressures
  • Slopes and locations with difficult topography

Performance and Technical Data

  • Material: polyacetal
  • Pattern: 360°
  • Flow rates: 7, 11 and 13.2 GPH (1.4 - 3.1 BAR)
  • Diameter of coverage: 16’ - 18’ (4.8 m - 5.4 m)
  • Operating pressure: 20 - 50 PSI
  • Trajectory angle: approximately 11°
  • Droplet size: medium
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 120 mesh (130 micron)

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