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Flow Station


The FlowStation is a powerful shared flow controller that allows up to 30 BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers to share water resources. Whether you have one large mainline across a property, or you are combining controllers across multiple mainlines, the FlowStation offers the features and flexibility to tackle the job.

With the FlowStation, you can share up to 20 separate points of connection and each point of connection can be assigned to one of 20 shared mainlines. The FlowStation will intelligently manage each mainline and allocate water resources among the connected BaseStation 3200 controllers.

Advanced Features for Irrigation Water Management

Flow Monitoring: With the FlowStation, you have the ability to monitor each point of connection for high and unexpected flow events. The FlowStation will take action when a flow fault is detected and discontinue use of the faulted point of connection.

Flow Management: The FlowStation maximizes the number of valves and controllers that can operate at once based on the amount of water that is available. Multiple BaseStation 3200 controllers can operate simultaneously and the FlowStation will manage which controllers get water and how much they are allowed to use.

Site Management: The FlowStation is compatible with advanced features on the BaseStation 3200 like program priorities, start, stop and pause conditions and water budgets. Even point of connection empty conditions remain available for the user to take advantage of.

Network Communication: The FlowStation has a built-in Ethernet port and it is also compatible with Wi-Fi and Ethernet radios. The FlowStation does not require a connection to the Internet, so stand-alone sites are easy to implement.

FlowStation Shared Flow Controller

Share up to 20 separate points of connection and each point of connection can be assigned to one of 20 shared mainlines. Water can be managed and allocated among 30 BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers. Specify one FlowStation for each shared flow group.

Part Number: BL-FLOWSTN

Shared Flow biCoder

Every BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller can be easily upgraded to share water resources with the addition of a Shared Flow biCoder. The Shared Flow biCoder connects directly to the two-wire path and enables the shared flow features in the BaseStation 3200. Specify one Shared Flow biCoder for each BaseStation 3200 in a shared flow group.

Part Number: BL-3200UPG-SF

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