Flower Processing Machine



With a flower processing line tailored to your needs you can speed up and streamline the processing of flowers into uniform bunches or bouquets within your business. If you are looking for a flower processing line that will fit in seamlessly with your business process, please feel free to contact us for custom advice.

Unique benefits

  • Configured according to your requirements
  • Optimised and accelerated processing
  • For uniform bunches or bouquets

Faster processing

The fast and meticulous processing of flowers can considerably speed up the process within your business, and this is precisely what Bercomex flower processing lines achieve. For many decades, these machines have earned a reputation as reliable and multifunctional systems with a long life. Thanks to the continuous development achieved by the Bercomex Engineering & Innovation department, you can be sure that your flower processing line always features the latest technology.

Your ideal flower processing line

You can assemble compose your flower processing line exactly as you want by incorporating the components you need for your specific process: cutting, de-leafing, binding, sleeving, collecting and buffering for the production of bunches and bouquets. We will design your ideal flower processing line, geared to your wishes and business processes.

Extend with a collecting conveyor

The flower processing line processes uniform bunches and bouquets quickly and meticulously, according to your specifications. Extending your line by adding a collecting conveyor means the bunches will be gathered for further processing.

  • Different versions available

  • Choice of width, height and length

  • Version with cone belt, sponge wheels or a combination

  • Various speeds available (2,000 bunches/hour is standard)

  • Choice of various systems for length indication

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