Flower Transport Gel (FTG)

F.T.G. is specially developed as a substitute for water during transport or presentation in flower shops and kiosks. F.T.G. is a water-based gel that contains nutrients and anti bacteria to disinfect the stems and feed the flowers. F.T.G. is an easy to use gel, and also easy to remove. The gel can be washed from the stems with water. The gel is completely environmental friendly, and not dangerous for your health. We have developed three different kinds of Gel. First of all we have the 'Bouquet Gel', this gel works on almost any kind of flowers. And there is a special Gel for Roses, which was specially developed for roses only. And last but not least we have a 'Lily Gel', and this is a Gel specially developed for Lily's.

Advantages of F.T.G.

  • No need for large buckets of water.
  • Less weight to transport.
  • Saves costs in transport.
  • Flowers can be transported horizontally.
  • More quantity in less space.
  • Keeps flowers fresh during transport.
  • No more spilt water during transport.
  • Flowers can be sent to reseller immediately

Disadvantages of F.T.G.

  • When spilt the floor will be slippery.
  • Little extra work when packing flowers.

Where can F.T.G. be used?

During the harvesting process

Cut flowers that are harvested under warm/low humidity conditions can be put in the gel directly after harvesting. F.T.G. improves the condition and the freshness of the flower dramatically during transport.

During storage:

When cut flowers are sorted and packed they can be put in the gel to improve the storage life. Depending on the temperature, humidity and the length of the storage, the flowers will use the F.T.G. to stay fresh. Flowers can be stored in F.T.G. for 4 to 5 days, under cool conditions. If the storage temperatures are to high the flowers will use more of the nutrients and they will stay fresh for a shorter period of time.

During transport:

Cut flowers have a travel time of at least 3 to 5 days, F.T.G. improves the quality of the flowers due to the availability of water and nutrients. For products which are normally transported on water, the freight costs will be reduced enormously due to less weight without the buckets of water. And of course the higher quantity in less space, because the flowers can be packed horizontally.

Consumer quality improvement:

When the consumer buys a bunch of flowers at the florist, and this bunch is packed on F.T.G., they will not have any trouble with wet stems in the back of their car. And when the consumer buys the flowers as a gift, the flowers can be kept on the gel until they are given as a present. The receiving consumer can easily wash off the gel with water because it is environmental friendly. Because these flowers were packed on F.T.G. their vase life will be much longer, having had water and nutrient all the time.

Which problems can be solved:

Weak stems during and after harvesting under warm conditions
Dried stems during transport and storage.
No splashing water in a bucket, so the flowers stay dry.
No more unnecessary weight of buckets filled with water.

How to use FTGFTG is a very easy to use product, thanks to the different kinds of machines and flower bags we have developed. Simply said all you have to do is put a bag of FTG under each bunch of flowers. The amount of gel under each bunch of flowers depends on the size of the bunch, and the thickness of the stems. Normally you will need 20 to 50cc of Flower Transporting Gel a bunch. After harvesting the flowers and bunching them the gel is added. Normally we put the flowers in a container of water, but now we give every bunch of flowers a bag of gel. There are two ways to add the gel to a bunch, you can either add an extra small bag at the bottom of the stems (as shown in picture 1), or you can add the gel in the sleeve before you put in the flowers (as shown in picture 2).

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