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- Model 15 - Flow Larvicide Insecticides



Insecticide in aqueous suspension to control larvae and pupae of mosquitoes, Chironomids, black flies, flies and phlebotomus for domestic, civil, and industrial use.

Mosquito larvae control:
Clear waters: 17–35 mL each 1,000 sq.m. of water surface.
Polluted waters or waters with high organic content: 35–70 mL each 1,000 sq.m. of water surface.
Lower dosages must be used when the water depth is equal to or less than 0.5 m, whereas higher dosages must be used when
the water depth is equal to or more than 1 meter.
Closed hydraulic systems (sumps, basement window wells, storm drains, grids, etc.): 7mL/cubic meter of polluted water.
Manholes (40x40x40 cm) with water depth from 10 to 20 cm: 0.15 mL of product.

Fly larvae control:
Treatments of heaps of manure and organic substances: 35 – 70 mL /10 sq.m.
Apply the product with 2-5 L of water at least every 10 sq.m., in order to allow the even solution penetration into 5-10 cm at least
of the treated substrate.
Perform the first treatment after the first flies show up and the subsequent ones when the slurry heap has increased of more than
10 cm.
Use lower dosages in case of small fly larvae pest and in closed systems.
Use higher doses in case of large fly larvae pest and in open systems.

Registration: Italian Ministry of Health registration n° 19646
Formulation / Composition: Suspension concentrate without solvents (c.s.s.). Pure Diflubenzuron 15 g

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