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Flying Doctors Hive Turbo is a unique and patented system containing a turbo quality colony. It consists of a specially developed hive with an integrated dispenser system for having biopesticides or previously collected pollen spread in the crop by bumblebees. On its way out of the hive, bumblebees pass through the dispenser tray which contains the biopesticide or pollen. The product sticks to the bumblebees. As they do their pollination work, the bumblebees deliver the product straight to each flower they visit.

Flying Doctors and crop protection

Combine pollination and crop protection using a special formulated microbial pesticides in the Flying Doctors® Hive Turbo. Enjoy all the benefits of bumblebee pollination, and obtain all the added benefits of effort-free crop protection. The Flying Doctors® bumblebees do all the work: pollination and protection.

Flying Doctors improves pollination too

By putting commercially available pollen in the trays you can use the Flying Doctors® Hive Turbo to boost pollination. This application is particularly useful for short blooming fruit crops. It saves you expensive pollen and a lot of time.

Big advantages for growers

Flying Doctors® Hive Turbo has a range of extra advantages that saves you time and money:

  • Due to the targeted delivery, less crop protection product or pollen is required.
  • Considerable labour saving as the bumblebees do the job for you.
  • With biopesticides, it helps to meet maximum residue levels and to reduce risk of resistance build-up
  • With pollen, it improves pollination, resulting in higher fruit quality and yield


Local legislation may impose restrictions with regard to the use of Bombus terrestris. Please check with local authorities or contact your Biobest advisor. Biobest cannot be held responsible for unauthorized use.

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