Industrial Mec Abbriata Mario srl

Model FM 180/C & FM 230/C - Rotary Mowers with Conditioner


Rubber rolls with chevron-shaped ribs, suitable for the clovers, alfalfa and leguminous plants conditioning. The rolls pressure is as graduated to allow the adjustment of the conditioning intensity. The tiers width can be adjusted according to the tractor gauge, in order to avoid the deflection of the fodder. The safety releasing system, could be useful if casual collisions with unseen obstacles should be occur during the work. An efficient work allows the conditioning mower to fit properly to the most difficult soil. It is possible to mow the fodder in slopes and in sanks, till an inclination of about 45°. An hydraulic lift device with a quick closing off the mower allow the machine to be set vertically if trasported. The machine is fitted with rear wheels.

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