Model FMDM 210 - 5 Disc Mower



Disc mower is used for cutting the alfalfa, clover and similar grasses.  5 and 6 discs, mounted models are available. Because of the design of cutter bars only the knives hit the grass and they do not damage plants. But the drums on drum mowers are rotating and damaging the grass while cutting it. When the plant is mowed by drum mowers it decrease the productivity of the grass while this does not occur on the disc mowers. The oval discs located on the cutter bar and they revolve at a speed of  3000 rpm which creates an air turbulence in order to make upright the leaned grass. There is a safety mechanism on the machine in order to make a backward movement when the machine hit a tree or similar object. The machine can be lifted upwards at the back of the tractor on the road position.

  • Cutting Width (m) 2,10
  • Number of Discs 5
  • Number of Knives 10
  • Rotating Speed of Discs (rpm) 3000
  • PTO (rpm) 540
  • Needed Power (hp) 40
  • Weight (kg) 450

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