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- Pre- and Post- Teat Sanitisation System



Foam'n'Dip is a simple, economical and yet highly effective dual purpose teat sanitisation system which generates low pressure compressed air to automate both pre- and post- teat sanitisation processes. The system comprises mains operated a dual purpose Air Power Unit which is used to operate a combination of Foam Applicators for pre-milking treatment and Dip Applicators for post-milking teat sanitisation. Using a single power unit to drive both types of Applicator offers a very cost effective solution for a comprehensive teat sanitisation system. For farms equipped with a compressor an alternative pneumatic version is available.

The Foam Applicators are based on Ambic’s renowned PowerFoamer technology which is used to generate foam of optimum consistency for effective pre-milking teat preparation.

The Dip Applicators are adjustable to dispense both conventional teat dips and thicker, barrier type teat dips at the appropriate rate for easy and effective post-milking teat sanitisation by using easy-fit restrictors.

Handy drop coils enable the Applicators to be positioned in the milking parlour for ease of access in order not to hinder the milking process.

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