- Model D70 – 100 - Mobil Tool Carriers



4-wheel traction and equipped with large tires (44-inch). Available with engines from 70 hp to 100 hp. Equipped with advanced, high efficient electronic and hydraulic systems

The selected requirements-driven fertilisation of plants is critical for the successful growing of plants. Baertschi fertilisation technology combines seed planting and plant care with application of fertiliser at exactly the right time. The combination of these operations saves you time and costs. The fertiliser is applied selectively near to the plants, which further enhances the efficiency of fertiliser application.

NEW: Fobro Linus, the clever technique for the application of liquid fertilisers.

  1. Application of fertilisers at the right time and in the right quantity
  2. Combined operations, selective application
  3. Saves valuable time at peak work times

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