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Folding Rippers



The rippers fold themselves at 180 ° in order to save space, they place on the same line of the tractor and they can be equipped with 6 to 8 rippers according to the job to do. The pins/clamps are made of hardox (very resistant material), the rippers are adjustable and also made of high quality material. The frame is strong and compact. THE RIPPERS WITH FOLDING SYSTEM are adjustable in width and are ideal to work in front combination with a rotary tiller and/or a power harrow. It has a function of unpacking, breaking and of aeration of soil. Il makes the soil ready for seeding with only 1 step.

  • Hydraulic folding system with hydraulic pistons and adjustable valves
  • Pins/clamps made of hardox you can replace easily
  • Safety bolts
  • 3rd category hitches adjustable according to the tiller or the power harrow in use

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