Foliar Fertilizer


Foliar applications are used for targeted input at key growth stages. By spraying directly onto the crop, nutrient availability can be controlled and soil interaction avoided. Foliar sprays are particularly useful for accurately applying relatively low doses of micronutrients. However major and secondary nutrients are sprayed at key growth stages to supplement soil-applied nutrients, for example calcium sprays on apples during fruit development.

Foliar products need to be correctly formulated, so as to maximize effect and minimize the risk of damage when sprayed onto leaves or fruit.

Yara utilizes suspension concentrates, solutions and powders, which provide controlled nutrient release over a longer period than unformulated products.

We also provide pure, often food- or pharmaceutical grades of nutrients and a wide range of co-formulants that ensure safe use and highly efficient nutrient uptake, biological activity and longevity.

They are also formulated with stickers, spreaders and absorption agents that maximize efficacy and crop safety, thereby prolonging balanced growth.

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