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Foliar Fertilisers

Foliar feeding is a common practice where by fertilisers, dissolved in water, are applied directly to plant foliage for direct absorption by the leaves. It is recommended when environmental conditions limit the uptake of nutrients by roots. Such conditions may include high or low soil pH, temperature stress, too low or too high soil moisture, root disease, presence of pests that affect nutrient uptake and nutrient imbalances in soil.

Crops require different amounts of nutrients in different growth stages. Foliar applications of Solar Ca, Mg or B during key stages of flowering and fruit setting can improve yield and quality which can sometimes be difficult to control with soil applications. Normally, crops respond very quickly to foliar applications. The effi ciency of nutrient uptake is considered to be 8-9 times higher when nutrients are applied to the leaves, when compared with nutrients applied to soil. Therefore, when a nutrient deficiency can be seen, a quick, but temporary fix, is to apply the deficient nutrient through foliar application.

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