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Advantages of VOMM Turbo Technology in food industry: High plant flexibility, different products with the same plant. Perfect homogeneity of final product. Online adjustment of process parameters. Reduced time and temperature of pasteurization compared to traditional processes. Fast cleaning of the plant without disassembling the equipment (CIP systems). Low energy consumption. Custom made plant design. Compact installation.

VOMM is applying its own Turbo-Technology also in food and agro-industrial sectors offering continuous process plants based on the combination of different process equipment: “Turbo Dryer”, “Turbo Cooker”,“Turbo Kneader” and“Turbo Mixer”.

When an heat treatment is required in the process, the heat exchange is carried out by a mix of conduction and convection (i.e. drying and pasteurization processes) or by conduction only (i.e. cooking and roasting processes). The product passes through the equipment in a thin film in high turbulence in contact with the hot walls of the equipment, in this condition excellent results in terms of quality and stability of the product, process time and energy efficiency are guaranteed. The heat source can be thermal oil or saturated steam. All thermal processes are in full compliance with European directives, including ATEX directive.

VOMM Turbo-Technology can be applied also in processes that require a cooling treatment such as Kneading or Mixing. In these processes a thin film of product in high turbulence is exchanging heat with a cooling media through the walls of the equipment assuring a constant temperature of the product during the process.

The main processes in food and agro-industrial are the following:

In this particular application, the line is usually composed by the Turbo Cooker and the Turbo Dryer equipment in a cascade configuration. The combination of the two equipment and the possibility to introduce water and/or process steam directly on the product, maximize the flexibility of the line, allowing the modification of the starch viscosity for precooked flour but also enzymatic inactivation and stabilization of bran germ. In some cases, for drying, pasteurization, gluten inactivation and toasting treatments, the Turbo Dryer alone is foreseen.

Main applications are:

  • Flour precooking

High viscosity flour: particularly used as starch replacer in many food products as soups, sauces, creams, instant dessert, salad dressing, mayonnaise, cooked sausages, hamburgers and dairy products (milk, drinking yogurt, cheese products).
Batter flours with different cold viscosity degree, having high binding and film-forming properties used for meat, fish, poultry, vegetable coating and different preparation processes as freezing and frying. Gelatinized flour: wheat, rice, durum semolina, tapioca for baby food production and corn flour for snack products (tortillas, tortillas chips, taco shell and similar).

  • De-activated protein flour

This kind of heat treatment allows to reach a wide range of hot viscosity flours. Sponge cake flour: VOMM process replaces the traditional chemical chlorination process with a non-chemical heat treatment process. The final sponge cake has very uniform and equally distributed air bubbles throughout the product, it does not collapse after baking and it has the required strength to be worked with heavy fillings.

Biscuit flour: the heat deactivation treatment allows to obtain a controlled homogeneous protein level reduction improving the final characteristics of the biscuit (or cracker) as regards shape, size, mouth feel, crispness and prolonged fresh-keeping.
Soup flour: the high viscosity property of VOMM heat treated flour develops a full and creamy body in the final product.

  • Enzymatic de-activation

The shelf life of wheat or corn bran and germ depends from the inactivation of lipolytic enzymes responsible of lipid fraction oxidation causing rancidity. VOMM technology provides a continuous process which inactivates the enzymes as well as bacteriological activity and guarantees a longer shelf life of the product.

  • Toasting

VOMM technology improves taste, color and crispness on flours, bran and germ, this is an indispensable process for snacks, bread, biscuits, dairy and breakfast products. Moreover the reduced final moisture content improves considerably the shelf life of the finished product.

  • Pasteurizing

VOMM continuous technology permits to pasteurize flour according to the HTST principle thanks to the thin film process, this allows to preserve chemical and nutritional characteristics of the final product.
Low microbiological activity is absolutely important for certain applications such as baby foods, precooked refrigerated bread, etc.

  • Drying

Flours with different final moisture levels can be reached for food and non food application without any change in gluten activity, color, starch characteristics and granulometry.

VOMM Turbo Technology offers an innovative production process, different from traditional batch systems, based on a continuous production of dough in high turbulence thin film. The Turbo Kneader is an horizontal cylinder in which raw materials (flour, additives, liquids, fat, etc) are mixed, homogenized and centrifuged, using a special turbine, against the wall of the equipment which is jacketed and cooled with cold or chilled water. The dough goes through the Turbo Kneader and it is discharged ready for the following operations.

Main applications are:

  • bread dough
  • pizza dough
  • puff pastry dough
  • dough for sandwich loaf and breadsticks
  • egg dough
  • cookies and sweet pastry

Cooking is one of the most important phase in food industry. The implementation of VOMM Turbo Technology gives the opportunity to design an innovative process in which the cooking is not performed on a 'mass' of product but in a thin film of product in high turbulence. The Turbo Cooker is an horizontal cylinder with an external jacket in which circulates an heat transfer fluid (hot water / steam / thermal oil) coupled with a patented turbine rotating inside. The product to be cooked, or the ingredients to be cooked, are fed in continuous inside the Turbo Cooker using a massic or volumetric measuring device. The product is pushed by the turbine against the hot wall and goes through the equipment in a thin layer in high turbulence. Thanks to the thin film in high turbulence the cooking process is obtained through many contacts between small particles of products and the inner wall of the equipment maximizing the efficiency of the heat exchange and therefore minimizing the heat consumption. After cooking, the product is discharged ready for the following operations.

Moreover VOMM Turbo Technology is able to guarantee quality and safety of final product and it is used to cook the following products:

  • starchy products: potato dumplings, polenta, pure, béchamel, romana dumplings, potato croquettes
  • meaty products: fillings, Bolognese sauce, patè, meat emulsions
  • sweety products: milk and chocolate creams, puddings, pastry cream, caramel
  • sauces: Bolognese, white and red sauces, vegetable sauce
  • milky products: melted cheese, milk gels
  • baby foods: meat, cheese and vegetable baby food, processed cheese, mashed fruit

In addition to the production of flour and cereals in powder form, VOMM drying technology can be applied for the production of bread, breadcrumb and cheese, as well as by products such as: bakery by products, slaughterhouse by products, cannery by-products, eggs shell, etc.

The production of starch derivates with VOMM Turbo Technology can be carried out by conversion of native starch in different ways: a dry process using heat only (physical treatment), a combined process using heat and water or steam (hydrothermal process) or, if necessary, also with the addition of chemicals (chemical modification).

Main products are:

  • precooked and dried starches
  • dextrinized and cationic starches
  • oxidized and thin boiling starches
  • cross linked and acetylated starches
  • clean label starches

VOMM has a very long experience and knowledge about fresh pasta production. Its equipment and technology are applied in single specific operations (dough preparation, filling preparation, béchamel preparation, sauces preparation) and sometimes combined together to design a complete continuous and automatic line.

Main production lines are:

  • lines for dough sheets: tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagna
  • food lines for filled pasta: ravioli and tortellini, agnolotti, fresh pre-cooked, in controlled atmosphere, undervacuum, deepfrozen pasta
  • lines for lasagna and cannelloni: fresh or deep frozen lasagna, cannelloni filled with meat or vegetables

VOMM designed and built more than 150 plants all around the world specific for food and agro-industrial applications.

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