Food Composting



Many kitchens all over the UK have recognised the commercial and environmental benefits of food dewatering and have adopted composting as a proven and natural method of treating organic materials to produce a product that is free of pathogens and high in nutrients adding valuable organic matter back into the soil.

Diverts food waste from landfill disposal. Once dewatered, volume reduced by up to 80%. Avoids methane emissions from landfill (methane is over 20 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide)

No waste storage of food not only saves on space but prevents the attraction of unwanted vermin such as rats and foxes, as well as decreasing the fly population during the summer months. This alone is a huge benefit to Health and Safety.

Removes cost of waste handling, storage and disposal. Wet waste costs are substantially higher than that of dry waste.

Low capital outlay and minimal operating costs.

Replaces expensive chemical fertilizers for use on your own land or can be sold commercially.

Helps to meet the legal requirements of catering retailers to dispose of their food waste as an alternative to landfill and protects them from future rising costs.

Companies can take advantage of the benefits and cost savings derived from utilising any one of the three stages of food composting as indicated below:

Stage One
The food waste disposer unit mascerates the food waste into a sludge, this can either be diverted to drain or piped into the dewatering unit. This process will save on all your expensive disposal costs.

Stage Two
The food waste dewatering unit removes 80% of the water content after maceration, prior to continuing on to Stage 3. Should you decide to stop at Stage 2, you will considerably reduce your waste bill, due to the weight and volume reduction gained during this process.

Stage Three
The food composter provides ideal conditions in which microbes can act upon food waste and produce high quality compost in about 6 weeks.

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