Portable Scale Frame Cage



Use the Portable Scale Frame to give you a portable scale/chute combination. Loadbars are bolted to an independent, heavy duty frame that utilizes the same trailering principle as our portable chutes. A stationary chute is then bolted to the loadbars to provide you with a terrific chute scale combination.

  • Heavy duty 6' channel frame protects loadbars and improves weighing accuracy.
  • Convenient any-time weighing capabilities.
  • Removable fender wheel assemblies with easy-to-crank brake winch safely raises and lowers chute into position with minimal effort.
  • Removable tongue w/ jack for easy hookup to vehicle.
  • Lock down mechanism to protect loadbars from road shock.
  • Reliable and accurate Tru-Test HD loadbars.
  • Accomodates any stationary For-Most chute

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