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- Model Rotomac - Animal Carcasses



Rotomac incinerators are discontinuous ovens with a rotary or swinging combustion chamber. They are suitable for incineration of whole animals, slaughtering waste and organic remains in general. According to model it’s possible to incinerate both small size animals as pets, sheep, swine, and big animals as bovine. Perfect also to satisfy chicken, rabbit and fish farming. The light rotary movement transmitted over combustion chamber improves the acceleration of waste dehydration and incineration process. In this way fuel consumption is lower than in a similar static plant.

Every ROTOMAC oven has a vertical post-combustion chamber, fabricated to respect working parameters imposed by current antipollution regulations such as:

  • Working temperature: >850 °C > 1100 °C according to waste category
  • Gas duration: 2 seconds
  • Free oxygen level: 6%

The Scrubber type plant for wet treatment is connected with post combustion process of gas coming up from incineration chamber. Therefore our eco tech ovens emissions respond to the most restrictive and severe antipollution laws. An automatic system for waste load can be added to plant if requested.

ROTOMAC incinerators have a destroying power varying from 40 kg/h to 500kg/h.

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