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Hanson's Bunker Silo offers you a large volume storage capacity system, the lowest cost per ton silage storage, the lowest initial investment and the lowest annual fixed cost of any silage storage system. Make the initial investment now and reap the benefits for many many years. If a Tower Silo isn't right for your operation, take a look at a Hanson Bunker Silo for your silage storage. Unlike an Ag Bag, Bunker Silos offer you economical, large volume storage capacity with a one-time investment. Reduce Spoilage, invest in your operation long term.

Storing feed in a bunker silo can save a producer over 25% less spoilage vs. ground pile storage. Everybody knows when it comes to feeding cattle, high feed quality and minimized spoilage is the key to making more money. The old adage rings true, 'garbage in = garbage out'. 

This engineered modular bunker silo constructed unit can be erected to meet your requirements... any length and any width in heights of 5', 6', 8', 8'6',10'6', 12' 

Our Bunker Silo L panels in heights of 6', 8' and 12' are engineered with reinforced ribs, structural rebar and mesh to provide the necessary strength without the cost and weight of full thickness T panel. 

These panels have engineered steel mesh and rebar systems for unsurpassed strength. A bunker silo can be quicker to unload than a vertical silo because you can use a skid steer loader to scoop up the feed. Hanson Bunker Silos are portable, which easily allows for alteration, expansion, or resale. 

We are also the premier dealer of Secure covers. 

Why do farmers build a Hanson Bunker?
Hanson says, 'We think part of it has to do with the increased commodity prices, so any spoilage is very costly. When producers upgrade their feeding center from rollover ground piles to one of our bunker systems, there is an almost immediate return in investment not only with the decrease in spoilage but also the increased amount of feed they can put up in their bunkers. In some cases, producers have seen a 30 percent drop in spoilage. With the freestanding bunker walls, we can actually decrease the footprint of the feed area, while increasing the amount of feed that can be stored, this is the most economical expansion rather than taking valuable acres out of crop production with large flat pads.'

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