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Forage Harvesting


Double-drum stripper header «Agro-Soyuz-Slavyanka» is designed to harvest grain crops and grass seeds by means of direct combining.

Types of harvested crops:

  • Grain crops: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale.
  • Seeds of forages and medical plants: alfalfa, sainfoin, brome, clovers.


  • Reduction of fuel consumption per one ton of harvested grain due to a stripping action of the header;
  • Reduction of operating costs due to a simple design and minimum number of quick-wearing parts and joints;
  • Possibility to install on old style combines;
  • Clean grain in the bunker. This reduces costs of its handling.


  • Universal: can be used for many grain and forage crops;
  • High capacity and operating speed reduce harvest time;
  • Minimal mechanical impact on grain: low content of crashed and damaged grain.


  • Simple design;
  • No adjustments and set-ups during operation;
  • Longevity and reliability.

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