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FORCE-A has developed the MULTIPLEX ON-THE-GO™ sensor, a polyphenol-meter that measures chlorophyll and polyphenols from leaves and fruit epidermis. This mounted system allows to perform real-time and non-destructive measurements from agricultural machines. Its internal GPS is used for cartography and the geolocalization of blocks. Its data logger brings large capabilities for data acquisition and storage. The full system is made up of the FA-BOX that records the data and synchronize the MULTIPLEX® sensor continuous measurements with the GPS.

The indices, calculated by the system, are :

  • SFR (Simple Fluorescence Ratio), the chlorophyll content of the sample.
  • FLAV (flavonol index).
  • NBI (Nitrogen Balance Index, marker of nitrogen deficiency and protein rate).
  • ANTH (anthocyanin index).

It is possible to customize the sensor and choose the indices related to the future use.

This optical sensor offers various applications, specifically used in ecophysiology :

  • Fruit phenolic maturity monitoring.
  • Detection of nitrogen deficiency and input management.
  • Quality control (assessment of wheat protein content at early stages).
  • Variety selection and phenotyping (low input seedlings) in major and specialised crops.
  • Assessment of thermal stress resistance, UV, light and low temperature effects.
  • Test of plant natural protection (natural protection stimulation, elicitors, etc.).
  • Polyphenol antioxydant quantification of leaf and fruit epidermis.
  • Foliar development and plant senescence monitoring.

The MULTIPLEX ON-THE-GO sensor comes with 3 different configurations so the user can choose which one suit the best his application, related to sample nature (leaf, fruit, chlorophyll and polyphenolics concentration). This is possible to ask for a custom configuration, specially design to fit with the user specific requirements.

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