- Premium-Performing Corn Granular Insecticide



The premium performing corn granular insecticide that provides broad-spectrum soil insect control and residual activity, with an excellent user and environmental profile.

  • Active ingredient: Tefluthrin
  • Mode of action: The unique vapor action of FORCE permeates the soil and penetrates the insect cuticle, disrupting nerve conductance and causing cessation of feeding and death. Strong repellence gives additional protection to young plants.
  • Targets: Broad-spectrum control, e.g. of the most important soil insects in the 'Corn Belt', including corn rootworms, cutworms, wireworms and white grubs
  • Main crops: Corn
  • Geography: Mainly US
  • Date of first launch: 1986

Main customer benefits:

  • Consistent rootworm control
  • Broad-spectrum control of early-eason insects at standard rates.
  • Reduced rate for cutworm
  • FORCE has no product label restrictions that would imply use restrictions.
  • Doesn't interact with sulfonylurea herbicides.
  • Potent against target pests, but does not harm beneficials.
  • FORCE carries no re-entry restrictions.

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