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Ford Combination Bins


Twin 3 tonne compartment bin - 4 Tonne 1 x 4 Tonne Compartment 6' barrel auger hinged telescopic PVC chute Controls along auger Throttle cable at pvc chute Honda centrifical clutch 5.5 hp motor Width bin 7' Length 10' - 4 Tonne 8' Height 6' Ladder at rear - 4 Tonne Ladder on side Fully partitioned - 1 x Partition Lift lugs internal 45º cones - 4 Tonne 50º Tarp rail.


  • Twin 6' Augers (Price On Application for other sizes)
  • Twin 3 ½ Tonne Compartments


  • Manufacturing seed wheat bins from 1960's onwards.
  • 6' outloading auger stainless steel optional.
  • 5.5hp Honda with centrifical clutch.
  • 37º - 45º angle cones allows for full emptying of bin without need of agitator wires.
  • Internal lift lugs.
  • Internal ladder.
  • Two external ladders one to each bin.
  • Fully partitioned fully welded internally.
  • Body 16 gauge and folded for strength lower cone with flat mild steel ribs.
  • Tarp tie down rail hoop above bins to allow for peaking even if tarped.
  • Legs with provisions for bolt down on truck.
  • 12' long 7' wide. Control handles fold down with auger for transport.
  • Flexible PVC chute and hose for grain delivery.
  • Auger has clean out slide.
  • Motor on adjustable mount for belt tension.

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