Hydracom SIA

- Harvester Saw Bar and Rim Sprockets



Hydracom this year launched a cooperation with high-quality saw bar FOREQ Forest Equipment manufacturer, whose 25 years of experience now materialized in a new product line - FLEX.

FLEX saw bars meet the highest quality standards. Special technology allows the selection of methods to develop great shape and steady relationship with a high update rate and long lifetime.

  1. Rim sprockets moves at the high speed through a saw chain saw runners enable fixing rails. We offered rim sprockets that meet the highest standards and even sophisticated customer requirements.

  2.  The wide patterns offer allows you to find compatibility with any harvester head.  Here you can see connection types.

  3. FLEX saw blades designed to Slide surfaces are hard and resistant to wear and tear, but the overall design of preserving the necessary flexibility. Saw blades made in the design of the optimal width to provide maximum stability.

  4. Chain runners manufactured with high precision, in order to reduce friction, increasing working life.

  5. Any FLEX saw bars are equipped with replaceable tips. Such a design solution chosen because its often saw bar working time is longer than the lifetime of the tips. Replace the tip and continue to use saws, economical use of resources!

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