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With Usewood Forest master Turbo small forestry has became more powerful and efficient than ever. Getting it's energy from Kubota V1505T turbo diesel engine and hydraulics driven by Bosch Rexroth 0-130 l variable displacement pump, Forest Master Turbo provides double power and 20% more hydraulic oil compared to it's predecessor. When working with UW180S harvester head, this extra power makes handling heavy logs with big branches smoother than ever. No matter what time of year or what kind of terrain you work, Usewood Forest Master is ready to work with you. Tough job in young forests can be done easier, productively and in comfort. Using Forest Master you will step in a new era of forestry.

Light and small harvester can be transported on a sedan trailer. This minimizes the transportation costs as lorry or truck is not needed. The machine moves also easily and gently in full density young forests leaving hardly any tracks. With low fuel consumption, user friendly controls, easy maintenance and transportation, efficiency, to name a few, the Usewood Forest Master is perfect machine for young forest management.


To improve the efficiency of the machine we completely redesigned the hydraulics of the machine. With a 0 to 100 l / min variable displacement pump and LUDV valves the Usewood Forest Master has the most efficient and modern hydraulic system we have ever designed.


Advanced hydraulics need advanced control systems to make use of 100% of their capacity. That's why we also completely redesigned all electronics and software of the machine. Usewood Forest Master operates with 7 different individual controller modules connected together with the industry's standard CAN-bus to control hydraulic pump, valves, motor, power consumption, driver controls, cabin peripherals and harvester head. Dividing responsibilities among controllers also divides the risks for system failures. With intelligent power control Usewood Forest Master can control the motor and hydraulic pump as efficiently as possible to provide faster movements and move power to the crain and harvester head.


Our top priority was to design a machine that's as easy to use as possible. As young forests have big tree densities and the plants need to be left undamaged, it's important for the machine to have a precise crain. That's the reason why we redrew the whole crain with stronger structure and bigger hinges to sustain the environments challenges. With the aid of the Usewood Forest Master's control system the driver can adjust the crain to operate just the way as he/she wants.

REC system

REC system is our own designed intelligent control system which helps the driver to operate the machine more efficiently. With UW40 brushwood cutter the REC system constantly monitor's brushwood cutter's height to the ground and keeps it at the constant height. This makes controlling the crain easier and the driver can focus more on optimal work flow leading to a bigger working efficiency. With UW180s harvester head the REC system simulates the parallel crain which makes Usewood Forest Master the best small harvester we have ever designed.


With all technical improvements we also redesigned the looks of the machine. But not only for visual purposes. By making the front and back bonnet from plastic they endure much more scratches and hits than before.

  • Weight 2100 kg
  • 8x8 driven
  • Width 1,5 m
  • Articulated steering
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Kubota diesel engine 18 kW (23,5 hp)
  • Hydraulic power supply for accessories is: 0 – 100 l./min. (variable displacement pump) max. 200 bar and LUDV control system.
  • New electric joystick and ventiler
    - Possible to drive and use work devices at the same time
  • Fuel consumption 2-3 litres / h
  • New Bosch-Rexroth 24 V hydraulic operating systems and computer with 7 inch screen
  • Driver specific adjustments
    - New functions as height stabilizer, parallel crain simulation and more automation function in the future
  • Drive and work lights
  • Crane lifting capacity 350 kg
  • Safety frame cabin with heating and cooling
  • Extensive accessories, incl. felling grapple with chain saw

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