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PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENTS forestry mulchers are all equipped with fixed hammers with carbide spikes that have a significantly longer service-life than that of a treated steel tool. Replacement is quick and easy.

Plaisance Equipements forestry mulchers have many practical uses:

  •  Full mulching of clear cuttings
  •  Land clearance around electricity company installations
  •  Fencing work
  •  Creation of logging tracks
  •  Grinding of branch windrows and stumps
  •  Grinding of tree remnants
  •  Grinding of coppices and large standing timber
  •  Fire-resistant barriers
  •  Clearance of military land
  •  etc.

The chassis is designed to reduce projections in front of the rotor, and metal plates between the lift arms protect the tractor. As an option, Plaisance Equipementsforestry mulchers can be fitted with a hydraulic reel to facilitate the collection of branches and tree cuttings.

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