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Currant bushes cutter FORMER of our production is destined for cutting (forming) rows of bushes into a letter V. It facilitates the harvesting of fruits and cutting which is the most labor-consuming stage. Cutting out the browses from within the bushes must be done manually.

The cutter is always hung in front of the tractor and fuelled with oil from the tractor’s inner hydraulic. The cutting part to the transport position is lifted hydraulically. Cut branches must be removed from the field or crumbled with a grinder.

The cutter is produced in two versions:

    • equipped in a hydraulically driven raker for cut branches
    • without a raker

Due to various standards the way the cutter should be installed must be decided during ordering. Preferably by sending 1-2 pictures of the front of the used tractor (f.ex by email)

The cutter is equipped in a replaceable element (bracket) produced for particular versions of tractors. A tractor should be equipped in an inner hydraulic exit (two quick hitches – out and in). When ordering the tractor’s hydraulic pump’s output must be stated. The current construction of the cutter is adapted to one pair of quick hitches, contrary to the older versions that needed two.

  • Length: 0,8 m
  • Working width: 1,8 m
  • Transport width: 1,2 m
  • Working height: 1,15 m
  • Transport height: 1,7 m
  • Working speed: 1-2,5 km/h
  • Transport speed: up to 20 km/h
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Productivity: 0,2-0,5 ha/h

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