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Feed formulation for broiler chicken with MASTER FORMULA®= CEREAL (corn, wheat, etc.) + MEAL (soybean) + OIL + MASTER FORMULA®

poultry complex premix general benefits

  • Because of the Perfect  pre-mix, Do not have any mix problems
  •  By increasing the feed value, provides balanced feed for animals
  • The content of feed is formulated according to the specific requirements of the animal growing phase that it provides a more healthy and balanced diet than the other feed ingredients and feed additives
  • Recover us from the Synthetic amino acids dependence (methionine lys to, etc.)
  • Due to contain all of the enzymes; no need to choose them separately.
  • Not required to the protective such as (Salmonella inhibitor, toxin binding, anti-mold)
  • All premixes which used in this product are pures.
  • According to the request; enable to the feed creation
  • Due to contain qualified preservatives; provides feed hygiene too
  • It offers special feed option for the problematic animals
  • Allows to the continuation of the high yield levels which is Obtained

There are three products under the MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Feed Concentrate headline

1-MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Initial Feed Concentrates:

It be used between 1-10 days.

2-MASTER FORMULA® Broiler Chick-Chicken Feed Concentrates:

It be used between 10-38 days.

3-MASTER FORMULA® Broiler- Before Slaughter Feed Concentrates:

It be used between 38- before slaughter


Decreases  the feed conversion ratio in broiler chickens (low FCR)

Allows to Broiler chicks to  grow up healthy and reach a high body weight in a short time.

according to the customers expectation, can  be effectives on body skin and also prolongs the shelf life.

Feed Ingredients:

  • Cereals; corn, wheat
  • Oilseed meals; soya group
  • Oil group
  • Marble dust-salt

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