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Often farms use inadequate  rates to produce the desired yield. We have solved this  problem! Preparation  FOSFIX increases phosphorus
availability to plants in your soil. Phosphorus is an  important biogen for photosynthesis materials and energy metabolism, involved in nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) synthesis as part of the cell membrane phospholipid composition. In whole plant dry weight is about 0 25% phosphorus When plants have phosphorus deficiency, they stop growing shoots become thinner and shorter lateral buds aren't blown and
die, tips of the leaves turn red or brown fruits ripen slowly change their shape Phosphorus is essential for plant growth, unfortunately it is a chemically very active element, so in nature it is undetectable in free form

How does FOSFIX work?
FOSFIX - contains of bacteria Bacillus megatenum var phosphaticum  when it is applied on the soil, it releases phosphorus from plant unavailable forms such as calcium, iron and aluminum phosphates and turns them into plant available forms of organic phosphorus  When using this preparation the plants do not feel phosphorus deficiency may gradually evolve  and mature harvest Scientific studies have shown that in just one month after treatment with  FOSFIX . the amount of available for plants phosphorus m the soil increases by 22%. and in two months 1 Dy31%.

After using FOSFIX sugar content in plants significantly increases as well It is very important for winter rape, crops, as sugar content of the plant is one of the most important  wmtenng determining factors for the plant

The product is recommended for use in high phosphorus soils to increase the amount of plant available phosphorus and low phosphorus soils in order to increase the efficiency of  phosphorus fertilizers

FOXIFX is recommended for phosphorus deficiency sensitive crops.

Usage time: before or after sowing, until plants foliage haven't covered the soil surface

Application rates: 1 l/ha


Bacillus megatenum var. Phosphaticum (along with the remains of the culture ^medium) 96.6% of bacteria not less than 1 0 x 10x9/ml
Traceelements Mg. Mn Fe.uptoO 01

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