FPM Agromehanika AD

Model FPM 407 - Motor Mower



FPM 407 motor mowers are designed for mowing of all types of grass, forage plants, medicinal herbs and grains, and are particularly suitable for use in mountainous terrain, inaccessible for tractor machinery. They are equipped with a gearbox that has one speed for moving forward and one for reverse. In addition to mowing, they can also be used for hay raking, irrigation and snow removal.

  • Can operate on slopes of up to 20°
  • A number of implements can be attached
  • Steel gearbox housing
  • Professional and durable machines designed for intensive use

Height and side adjustable handlebars.


(a) Mower;

(b) Front-mounted rotary mower;

(c) Belt rake;

(d) Irrigation pump;

(e) Snowplough;

(f) Snow blower.

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