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Model FR 100 - FR 100 - Industrial Harvester Loader



Thanks to its on-field experience and know-how, De Petri now launches a new of mow-picker model for vegetable garden and officinal product harvesting, from delicate items such as parsley, basil, chards or spinach to more rustic vegetables such as sage, nettle, mint, lavender, and so on. This new machine was conceived as a smaller version of the FR 140 model - which has been produced for several years now and has been successfully operating all over Europe – keeping almost all the same me-chanical, electrical, and hydraulic compo-nents, as well as all the main operating features.

A powerful John Deere 100 HP engine combined with a hydrostatical drive having two electrically controlled speed types (0-20 and 0- 35 km/h), a large cab allowing the maximum visibility and comfort as well as optional air conditioning, a handy multifunctional joystick with all controls FR100 NORMAL VERSION placed within the driver’s reach constitute the strengths of this innovative machine, allowing the operator to work safely and comfortably for hours. A wide range of tyres available in different sizes and heights allow to obtain several tracks and heights from the ground..

FR100 is available in two versions:
FR100 with land unloading product, and FR100 Special, with product unloading from the top (3.80 m) directly to the truck dump. Both versions come with 2 different loading systems: either with indented springs suitable for high and rough products, or with a rubber belt for short, delicate products as an alternative. In this latter version, an automated device allowing to move product piles without any interventions by the operator may be mounted upon request.

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