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Model FR 140DT-FR 140DT/SL - Green Forage Moving-Harvesting Machine



De Pietri from the beginning of its activity has always manufactured green forage movingharvesting machines. For years now De Pietri machines have harvested, gathe-red and moved into sheds forage to feed cattle. Nowadays, even though times have changed and in cattle feeding forage has been replaced with other substances, we are definitely convinced that feeding cattle with some green forage strongly contributes to their health. Furthermore, forage feeding has always been and always will be the most economical choice for farmers: while the farmer sleeps, grass grows!

Below we are introducing two new models of moving-harvesting machines:
FR140DT with earth dump and FR140DT/SL with trilateral dump, to feed the trough directly.
The expertise acquired in manufacturing thousands of moving-harvesting machines for years (we were the first ones to enter this market, back in 1963!) allowed us to integrate in our new machines the best components while granting excellent functionality, long life and minimum maintenance requirements.

The adoption of a state of the art hydrostatic drive solves the problem of steep surfaces, eliminates the risk of getting stuck in wet ground and allows maximum comfort for the operator, with the possibility of driving in a relaxing way and choosing the work speed by simply operating a handle to increase or decrease it gradually.

A 100 HP John Deere engine provides great power. The differentials are extremely rugged, with epicycloidal step-down gears, electric self-lock and 4 wheel braking, ensuring great safety. All the controls are grouped wither on the handle regulating also the forward movement or on the dashboard, which also includes an extremely clear instrumentation, similar to that of cars.
The cab is large, it provides great visibility, it is soundproof and with warm or room-temperature air recirculation or air conditioning on demand. Same front and rear tires with extremely large section, with reduced ground compression. There are two work and moving speeds with an electric control: 0-15 and 0-35 km/h The mowing bar is the traditional two-blade bar with a 2.25 m work width. All the other movements are the same as in the famous FR50 and FR65 models.

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