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Model FR140TM, FR140EM-FR140TN, FR140EN - Vegetables Harvester Loader



We, De Pietri Company, have always believed that the technologic developments should be abreast with the times and it is for this reason that we have been supplying since 40 years machines featuring the best technology for every time. We are proud to introduce the FR140, our new vegetable harvesting machine for the Industry (spinach, chards, parsley, basil and so on). This machine includes all our expe-rience and after careful technical designs and long strict tests on the land, we have started the mass production.

The most important developments, compared to the last FR 70, being again competitive on the market for over 10 years, are many and they are listed here below in the following characteristics:

  • Engine 140 Hp
  • Two speed hydrostatic drive : 0-20 0-35 Km/h
  • Differentials with epicycloidal step-down gears and oil bath disk brakes
  • Front differential with 55° steering angle
  • Same front and rear tires with very large section.
  • Large soundproof driver's cab (78 decibel on the land) with warm or room-temperature air recirculation system and air-conditioned on request.
  • New instrumentation with steering wheel adjustment and new electric controls alike the cars.
  • Pneumatic seat with different adjustments : weight, height, length
  • Elevator with 2 solutions on request : standard-type by chain and reentering springs or alternatively by rubber belt with rubber cross-members
  • It has been conceived a new automatic system in the rubber belt model to move the product on the body without the aid of the operator
  • Mowing bar width from mt. 2,25 or 3,00

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