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Frame Ploughs



Classic ploughs are designer for middle and deep ploughing of flat fields on every kind of soil (besides stony fields) when soil humidity enables proper work. In case of stony fields it is recommended to use plough with shear safety device which protects the machine body against damage.

The offer contains mounted ploughs that covers2-, 3-, 4-, 5-furrow ploughs with body width of250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm.Ploughs are equipped with heavy duty, cylindrical mouldboards and plough shares. Over the mouldboard there is a special device that cuts top layer of soil and move it to the furrow bottom, what ensures better coverage of plant residues. Plough is equipped with screw device for adjustment of first furrow, working depth adjustment is carried out by steel or rubber supporting wheel. The legs of height 700 mm protects the plough from clogging while stubble field ploughing. In front of last body there is a special hole to fix the cutting disc, which is non standard equipment of the machine.

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