Free Access Stall Unit



The gestation stall from Vissing Agro is the strongest and most proven on the market. The stall has been developed so the sow easily can walk in and out of the box by herself and when the so is inside the stall, another sow cannot get in. The stalls can be locked by row or each stall can be individually locked and opened from the back. The special strong and form bent back gate, provides easy access to the sow in the stall, while the gate is so high that other sows will not try to jump over. The front gate has a completely new design, with the focus to facilitate the handling of the sow. The stall side is constructed with a special back part, which allows this same stall easily to be used as a mating stall.


  • Height 110 cm.
  • Width 65, 69 or 74 cm.
  • Length including trough L 240 cm.
  • Length including trough XL 250 cm.
  • Water supply with a ½' water pipe / 1 per 2 sows
  • Manual or automatic opening system of rows

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