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Free Stall Cow Barns

During the last couple of years many studies have been made in order to define the optimal resting place for cows in a barn. In these reports, researchers have focussed on the form and dimensions of the stalls. The required type of flooring in the cubicle has also been thoroughly discussed and investigated.   The dairy industry has well understood the importance of cow welfare in the barn. Cows stay inside more and the production level increases every year.

GreenStall Easy Cubicles

GreenStall Easy Cubicles are a newly developed revolutionary freestall. The front and sides next to the head of the cow are completely open, and the loops have been replaced by unique flexible plastic tubes. All parts of the freestall can be adjusted at each situation at any time.

The GreenStall Easy Cubicles provides cows the same space as in their natural environment, the pasture.

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