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This Freedom uses a vacuum cylinder to take-off the milking unit from the cow.  It uses AIC's patented smart milk sensing technology to determine end-of-milk providing consistency of detaching every milking at every cow. The Freedom sensing technology is the most advanced management system for today’s stanchion barn operator.  The FreedomTM generates information on milk temperature, yield, SSC, and flow for each individual cow.  It graphically displays operator performance data to optimize labor efficiency and minimize unit-on time. Essential information for routine decisions, such as feeding, breeding and health can be made with the assistance of the data displayed on the Freedomscreen.  Individual cow milk flow pattern, temperature, conductivity and yield reflect her capacity to generate cash.  Changes in milk yield, for example, can be the first sign of standing heats.

The Freedom is installed on new or existing tie-stalls when upgrading Boumatic, DeLaval, Universal, Dairy Master and Westfalia-Surge milking system. The dairy doesn't have to replace the milker units.  The FreedomTM control comes with all the advanced dairy management information including milk flow curve graphics, manual cow ID and can be upgraded to download data to a PC.

The system parameters are adjustable by the operator, and protected by a password for limited access.  These include take-off, pulsation, and management parameters to achieve optimal milking and operator performance.  Keypad Cow ID is a simple to use low-cost answer to gathering and storing important data by cow number.

The 60 Cow Memory lets you review each cow’s temperature, conductivity, milking time, prep-ratio, milk flow curve and milk yield for the last 60 milkings on the FreedomTM screen.  You can easily scroll through this information to evaluate each cow’s condition and production or to evaluate operator performance by milking session.  Individual cow information can also be downloaded into a PC, to maintain production record over time.

Temperature is an essential indicator to manage flair ups and metabolic problems and other health conditions.   The Freedom measures milk temperature at every milking.  It simplifies health monitoring especially those first 10 days after calving.  It even measures wash temperature to ensure milk quality.  A sudden rise in Milk Conductivity will often be the first indication/warning of udder inflammation. Early detection and treatment is the key to bringing cows back to normal.

  • Available with two types of cylinders
  • Displays a milk flow curve
  • Can download milking data to a computer
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Measures Milk Weight, Milk Temperature and Conductivity of the milk
  • Durable
  • Updates all brands of milking equipment

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