- Bulb Planter



This machine on rubber tracks, runs automatically straight over the bed, by means of a laser- steering mechanism. The blade unit opens grooves in the ground while the hose layer unit, lays the refrigeration hoses automatically in the ground. The bulbs  are stored in a container  in front of the driver. In this container, a special chain system grabs the bulbs individually and leads them through the machine sleeves to a
soft fall in the ground grooves, that were previously opened by the blades. As the machine rides, the bulbs and the refrigeration hoses are uniformly covered with soil.

Operating the machine
The machines features a touchscreen and a joystick. The exact amount of bulbs you wish to plant per square meter is determined and adjusted on the touchscreen, while the joystick is used to maneuver the machine. If, during planting, the driving speed of the machine increases (or decreases), the planting speed will automatically adjust and will also increase (or decrease) so that the determined number of bulbs to be planted per square meter will not change. There are 2 steering possibilities: during transport, pulling/ pushing the joystick will
determine on which direction the machine will move. During planting, the joystick is used to speed up or to slow down the machine.

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