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FreshStart technology protects tulip bulbs from ethylene effects, like excessive splitting of the planting stock, bad root development affecting bulb growth and ultimately flowering, poor flower quality and increased number of side leaves after forcing, preventing the main stem from reaching retail weight specifications.

Freshstart's active ingredient 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), attaches with a high affinity to ethylene receptor sites on bulbs and protects the bulb against these effects.

Among the number of protective benefits, this technology represents also a shield against gummosis development during storage, which favors fungal growth and likely attracts mites.

As a result, growers get a higher production of salable bulbs and can even benefit from energy savings, as FreshStart reduces the need for constant ventilation.

FreshStart benefits
  •  Higher production of salable bulbs
  •  Reduction of the need for constant ventilation
  •  Energy saving
  •  Protects bulbs from ethylene effects
  •  Better root development
  •  Create a shield against gummosis development

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