- Model FRM76 - Deck Mower



New to Fecon, the 4x4 traction of our RTF230 with all wheel steering (AWS) provides agile handling and power to the ground for right of way maintenance, oil field clearing, and vegetation management. A key benefit is that rubber tire carriers are configured to travel at up to 24 mph down roads. Operators have no difficulty at all crossing occasional roads to continue forestry clearing work on the other side. And Rubber Tire Carriers can be outfitted with a wide variety of heavy duty Fecon Forestry Attachments so you can clear the way to a job well done.

  • Large Cab with 360 degree Visibility
  • Road Speed up to 24 mph
  • Three Mode All-Wheel Steering

Standard machine equipped with rear mount blade and hydraulic winch


Large cab offers comfort and exceptional visibility


Capability for stump grinding and other forestry attachments


3 modes of steering

RTF230 Standard Features

  • Large cab with 360 degree visibility
  • Road speed up to 24 mph
  • 180-degree reversing seat
  • Three mode all-wheel steering: 2WS, 4WS, Crab
  • Low center of gravity
  • Stump grinder and mulcher options
  • 4x4 traction

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