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Front End Loader


Our Imported Tractor mounted Front End Loaders are designed and manufactured to Suit Indian working conditions. These loaders are manufactured by our Italian supplier who is a 30 years old ISO 9001 Company known for its quality with range of machineries like front loaders, bulldozers for wheeled or tracked tractors, hydraulic elevators, backhoes, snow-ploughs confirming the reliability of them during the time. The Company also assures constant technical updating, assuring the functional improvement of the machines from time to time based on the requirement and market conditions.

The machines are made up of finishing touch of all details that make up the loader is guaranteed from modern  working processes such as the laser cutting of the iron plates. Also well-stocked spare parts store and technical expertise assures assistance and availability of all components.

Our Tractor mounted loaders are composed by double effect cylinders for raising and bucket anchorage structure to tractor  fast clutches with the capacity to lift 800 Kgs. Its Suitable for the following operations.

Loading operations for Cement Factories, Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, Rice Mill etc.

  • Loading of Manure, Soil, Sand
  • Road / Civil construction works
  • Coir and Related Industries
  • Loading of Garbages
  • Loading of lose earth.

The Front end loader are Imported from Italy. The technical features given below will help you to know more about the products.

  • Can lift up to 1000 kgs.
  • Quick hitch is provided to easy mounting and detaching the bucket.
  • Suitable for all latest tractors as well as for old Tractors also.
  • Dozing operations can be done to a minimum extent.
  • Imported cylinders ensures smooth operation helps uninterrupted works.
  • Rugged machines. Designed to suit tough conditions.

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