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Front Hoeing Machine



The Steketee Front hoeing Machine is an ideal machine for hoeing and ridging all row crops. The machine is mounted to the tractor front, guaranteeing proper overview. The Steketee Front hoeing Machine can be supplied with a Steketee front lifting device, but can also be used with all other front lifting device brands. The hoeing elements can easily be shifted over the bearer, enabling hoeing at different row intervals. The elements are supplied in various versions, allowing a fitting hoeing method for every application.

The Steketee Front hoeing Machine consists of a beam with furrow wheels, an adjusting plate and the Steketee hoeing elements. The element consists of a basic element (parallelogram with rubber tyre wheels) and further consists of a combination of any components desired by the customer, fitted to the row klik voor vergrotinginterval needed. There is an option to apply one hoeing blade, three hoeing blades, three cultivator tines, disc hoes or the Steketee Multispray Hood. The working depth of which can be easily adjusted with an adjusting spindle on the depth controlling travelling wheel. Protective shields in stead of protective discs can be fitted in combination with cultivator tines, for example.

We produce hoeing machines with a working span reaching up to 12 metres.

Practical advantages of Steketee hoeing machines are:

  • Easy mounting on any brand and any tractor type.
  • Adjustment of elements on the bearer with a quick coupling.
  • Possibility to work with one, two or three blades per element and if needed with side blades, depending on circumstances.
  • The crusher rotors move the cut weeds.
  • One adjustable travelling wheel per element combined with the spring tension load guarantees constant hoeing depth.
  • Adjustment of blade inclination (forward or backward) is centrally done with the front lifting top link.
  • Simple adjustment of the hoeing width to the row interval.
  • Continuously adjustable protection shields.
  • The last action is performed when the blades are close to touching.
  • One can fit the hoeing blade with ridger planes to remove small weeds from between the rows.
  • Option of fitting cultivator tines in the element.

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