- 2.50 m + 3.00 m Universal Roller



Many different types of front machines are offered on the market today. Machines with cast rings are mainly for reconsolidation and also for pressing down rocks. Machines with knife-like tools are more for crushing and are used in combination with other machines with combined cultivation method. With these front machines you should especially watch the costs for the wear parts. Also the costs are often not in relation to the advantages. This special machine with star rolls for extremely heavy soils, with which the clod levelled and crushed in front of the tractor. With this cultivation the seed bed preparation in combination with the rotary harrow or the short combination and seeding machine largely possible in one work step.

With the 3-row arrangement and the small spacing between the stars the clod is also crushed with humid and extremely heavy soils. With the interlocking of the stars, a clogging can be nearly excluded even with extreme conditions.

The front star crusher is only partly usable with rocky soid conditions. The spring-loaded levelling plate crushes the clod and levels the soil.

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