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Airtec Airbooms have been the leading spray applicator for Fruit and Vegetables for many years. Providing heavy duty, dependable, light weight air booms is what we do best. Our machines offer maximum coverage with less material usage. We achieve this by producing a 180 mph wind speed that builds constant static pressure across our air boom. The wind is directed through a specially designed nozzle where the spray is injected into the air stream. During this process the spray material is broken down into a size that is less than 50 microns.

This process allows us to do many things. We can spray at very low volume ranging from 10 to 50 gallons per acre. This can result in a 50% reduction of chemical usage which equals savings. This is possible because we get the spray material where it needs to be underneath the canopy where the pest and disease thrive. We also do not need massive amounts of water in our tanks because we use air to carry the spray material. This mean we can mix a more concentrated tank of material which results in less fill ups and more time in the field spraying.
Vegetable Air Boom

Airtec offers a wide variety of machine configurations ranging from 20 to 110 foot boom lengths. We offer a 3 point models with 200 gallon tank capacity and up to a 60 foot boom length as well as trailer models ranging from 500 to 1500 gallon capacity and single or tandem walking beam axles.

Vegetable Air Boom

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