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The GeoSortIII has started a new trend in the market. Certainly where it concerns speed and capacity. Compared with its predecessor, it can sort no less than 33% more fruit in the same time. In absolute figures, this means that the GeoSortIII can now sort eight fruits per second instead of six. Of course, precise measurement and weighing are guaranteed at this high speed as is fruit-friendly handling in which the Greefa flap plays an important role.

Fruit-friendliness is essential for sorting your fruit. The unloadingfrom the carrier is an important point here. Greefa has a number of systems for this, such as sideways unloadingthrough brushes, a system with which the Greefa SmartSort is equipped. For the GeoSortIII,Greefa has, however, again chosen the well-known and wear-resistant Greefa-flap. This unloadinghas also adapted to be compatible with the GeoSortIII. The advantage of the Greefa-flapis that the sorting speed in no way affects the fruit handling. This means that fruit-friendliness is also guaranteed at high speeds.

Size module
Fruit size is measured using high-resolution CCD infrared cameras (black & white). The size of each fruit is measured a number of times using a special combination of hardware and software. This ensures extremely accurate measurement.

Colour module
The colour of the fruit is determined using special CCD colour cameras. The fruit is sorted using these cameras according to an average value with respect to blush, colour or background colour. Moreover, the use of special filters eliminates the effect of any reflection.

Weight module
The fruit is electronically weighed using an advanced 3-point weighing system. This system is found in the transfer unit. This ensures extremely high accuracy and minimises the risk of contaminating the weighing elements.

iQSIII (external quality)
The continuous efforts of our R&D Department resulted in the launch of the iQSIII. This intelligent Quality Sorter sorts your fruits automatically according to the external quality of the fruit by taking about 70 pictures of each fruit. This is done using special infrared and colour cameras. The advanced software analyses the pictures and classifies them according to the programming of the operator. This third generation iQS uses the ‘Geomodel’, in which the pictures are placed in the right perspective for optimum accuracy.

iFA (internal quality)
The GeoSortIII does the almost impossible. The intelligent Flavour Analyser (iFA) determines the internal quality of your fruit by analysing them using the Near Infra Red (NIR). Unique here is the transmission technology, which screens the entire fruit. The brix value, internal brownness and core rot can be determined based on the measurements taken.

iGS (machine operation)
The GeoSortIII is as standard equipped with the Greefa intelligent Grading Software (iGS). This user-friendly system is based on Windows and offers numerous possibilities of adding external systems. It can, for example, be connected to the Warehouse Management System of your automatic pallet warehouse. 

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