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Model FRW 8 - Trailer

Heavy duty, 160 x 160 mm central frame of high quality steel channels. Off-road forest tires Differential tiller-bar controlled steering with 2 steering cylinders Trailer lights, standard Hydraulic brakes, standard KOMBI large compressed air system for road travel at 25 km/h available on request (compulsory when 4.5 t total weight are exceeded). Rotator, infi nite rotation Differential tiller-bar controlled steering, standard

Length of loading area 3700 mm
Wheels gauge 2050 mm
Clearance to ground 550 mm
Central tube frame 160 x 160 mm
Swivel axles and off-road forest tires 400 x 15,5 14 PR
Dead weight without the crane 1200 kg
Load bearing frame 2 m²
Stanchions - rotatable, removable 4 Pair
Differential tiller-bar controlled steering with 2 steering cylinders standard
Hydraulic brakes standard
Hydraulic outriggers standard
Skidding crane K310
Crane outreach 6,30 m
Carrying power at max. extension without grapples 365 kg
Telescopic outreach 1,20 m
Grapples clamping force 10 kN
Swivelling cylinder 4 pcs.
Swivelling angle 360
Recommended pump capacity 30 - 60 l/min.
Weight of crane without attachments 540 kg
Admissible total weight 8000 kg

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