Frying Oil Filter Paper or Cooking Oil Filter Paper

Frying oil filter paper application features: Application characteristics of edible oil filter paper: 1 high temperature resistance. Can be immersed 15days or more in the oil at 200 degree, no obvious decline in the strength. 2 with high average void fraction. Average gap of 10 micron or more particles. The frying oil becomes clear and transparent. The purpose of removing the suspended solids in oil. 3 has a better degree of air permeability. It can make the high viscosity of the oil material flow through, filtering speed. 4 higher dry and wet strength: the degree of resistance to breaking up to 350KPa, the vertical and horizontal tension are 65N and 45N. Application advantages of edible oil filter paper: 1 can effectively remove the frying oil in aflatoxin and other carcinogenic substances; 2 to remove the smell of frying oil; 3 to remove particulate impurities in frying oil free fatty acid, peroxide, polymer and suspended sand; The 4 is capable of removing the frying oil ash yellow color, improve the color of frying oil, so as to achieve the translucent color of salad oil; 5 frying oil can inhibit the oxidation and rancidity reactions, in improving the quality of frying oil at the same time, also can improve the hygienic quality of fried food and prolong the shelf life of fried food; 6 can be in compliance with food hygiene regulations, make full use of frying oil, bring better economic benefits for enterprises. The products are widely used in various types of deep fried oil filter; Usage: suitable for filtration of crude oil and refined oil in edible oil and vegetable oil processing production process, the use of filter and fried chicken, fried fish, fried beans, nuts, potato chips, instant noodles, Sachima, Prawn Crackers western fast food fried food processing etc. in the process of making

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