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Model FS 44Z - Scrap Timber Cranes



Scrap-timber cranes Large selection of Z-foldable hooklift entirely projected in H1B4 range with noticeable models as FS 24Z that can be easily installed on 3.5t and that can be folded behind the cab and can be equipped with polyp grab or log grab. This model is particularly adapt for the picking up of pruning shrubs as well as the recovery of ferrous materials or the removal of bulky waste. We recently introduced high-range model FS 130Z, that combines top-class performances to the fact that it can be easily installed on every vehicle because folded


The C.P.S. hooklifts range has been recently completed by introducing the medium-high range, which includes models up to 40 t capacity. The light structure, thanks to the use of high resistance steels like Domex 740 and the strength, together with the high reliability can satisfy the needs of customers all over the world.

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